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About Yoga.

There is a lot of information about the historical origin and what yoga is.

Some report their first appearance in the Rig Veda, one of the four ancient books of India's culture, perhaps one of the oldest scriptures of mankind. Others report the knowledge of yoga as coming from an even older civilization than the Vedic. But yoga is not restricted to one region, one people, one culture, even the discussion about it. Yoga belongs to humanity, and we can thus say that yoga is the body of knowledge and techniques about the human as a whole; our instruction manual, our path to liberation from the human condition, and liberation itself.

What fascinates me most about yoga is that the more we study it, the more we study its object of study: ourselves. And the more we study ourselves, the more we discover about yoga, and this makes one of the objects of study of the most advanced scientific research.

It is known that the goal of yoga is to lead man to the liberation of identification with the human condition, the sufferings caused by "Maya". "Maya" is a Sanskrit word meaning illusion. According to the philosophy of yoga, this world we live in and the human condition are not our true reality. The sufferings and attachments we go through arise from our identification with this world, with the illusory condition.

When we reach the state of yoga, we reach a state without identification with this illusory world, and this is by the cessation of mental fluctuations, reaching the point of maximum self-regulation of this virtual state. For those more attentive, I believe that after reading these few paragraphs, the question arises:

So, what is our true reality?

And if we and this planet are a simulation, where and who is controlling this simulation?

Today science proves all those teachings, providing us with proven information that we really are a great virtual program, and yes, logarithms and research prove it.

Now, you may be thinking, "But my yoga practice is basically stretching, relaxing, and having a peaceful moment on my turbulent, stressful day." Not that it is not beneficial to have a moment in your day when you can relax after some yoga postures, but one of the disadvantages of our Western culture and economic system has been the adaptation of the ancestral logical tradition to a “fast food” format following the flow of what our media dictates.

On the one hand, yoga has been widely disseminated, but on the other hand its essence and potency are lacking in proportion to this spread, so many people remain in the “ignorance” mode and discouraged from studying and practicing yoga because they have no idea of what yoga really is, how to use that, and the possibilities of what this experience can bring to their lives.

Much is said about patterns, and how to get rid of or change them, this cessation of mental fluctuations, which means the yoga state, is exactly the cleansing, the elimination of those patterns that keep us stuck in habits that make us suffer.

I invite you to go beyond the visible, to go beyond the mental, and move toward the ancient knowledge of yoga, learning how to dive and use properly all this valuable heritage, where you can attentively, without the filter of ignorance see yourself, and see things around just as they are.

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