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Questions about breathing and Breathing Therapy/Rebirth.

What is breathing?

It is inhaling and exhaling air from the lungs.

It is the method by which oxygen enters our body.

Through breathing we use oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide from the body. Some systems in our body are closely linked to the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide, such as the Ph of blood or the production of synapses in nerve cells.

What are the types of breathing?

It can be thoracic or abdominal;

superficial or deep;

relaxed or intense;

slow or fast;

It can also be paused or connected (between inhalation and exhalation);

Some of these types can be combined to achieve different results in the body. These combinations are given names such as: cyclic, or connected, holotropic, diaphragmatic, total breathing.

Who can breathe?

Virtually all living things on Earth, which includes humans!

Many are unaware of the importance of breathing. We can go several days without eating, a few days without drinking water, but just a few minutes without breathing ...

What are the benefits of breathing?

It is through breathing that oxygen enters our body and releases the harmful carbon dioxide produced by cells. Oxygen is the main source of energy for cellular functioning and through respiration it reaches every cell in our body. On the other hand, it is also through respiration that carbon dioxide, a product of excretion of cellular metabolism, is eliminated by exhalation.

What are the limitations for breathing?

There are no impediments or fatal effects on breathing. Unwanted effects can occur when you are not breathing properly or adequately for the situation. In some moments (from external contexts unrelated to our will) our body can react in a wrong way when interpreting sensory information and cause our respiratory system to change the rhythm or way of breathing, in order to produce an effect contrary to what is expected. An example is that when we are surprised (fright or strong emotion), we tend to “hold” our breath! Likewise, there may be spontaneous hyperventilation.

What sensations can arise in cyclic or connected breathing?

Dry mouth and throat (after 5 minutes, cease after a few minutes);

Tingling in the lips and part of the face (after 5 minutes until the end);

Tingling in the feet, hands and scalp (after 5 minutes until the end);

Heat in the head and face (from half onwards);

cold in the rest of the body (from half onwards);

Mild cramps in the calves and instep;

Mild abdominal pain (the muscles are slightly sore from exertion);

Involuntary contractions of the muscles of the feet and hands (Tetania. From half to the end);

Feeling of “melting of the body” (after about 30 min. It is the most delicious of all !!!);

Feeling of weightlessness or floating in the water (momentary and alternating);

Sensation of clogged ear (momentary. It is the same when descending the saw by car);

Dizziness, hiccups, yawning, urge to urinate (the body is purifying itself); Willingness to laugh, cry, adopt a fetal position (in the end, in integration);

It is important to note that these sensations may or may not appear.

We don't always experience them all in one process.

Other sensations may arise (the mind can interpret many things in various ways).

It is also important to say that all of these sensations are common, normal and expected. The more sensations, the greater the (psychological) effect on the sensations / emotions that we intend to re-signify (my opinion).

Allow yourself !!!

What is Breathing Therapy /Rebirth?

It is not a religion; It is not a philosophy;

I like very much one of names they use for breathing therapy, that is called “Rebirth” . So let’s use this name to talk about Breathing Therapy (also used for Leonard Orr, whom gave this name for this type of therapy).

To be reborn means to breathe in its entirety, with “strength”, with a desire to live

intensely. Some languages ​​/ cultures use the same word to breathe and be reborn.

It is a simple and pleasurable therapy, which can / must be conducted, which uses an appropriate breathing technique combined with relaxation of the body and mind.

Also known as Breath Work or Conscious Breathing, it is a way of expanding consciousness allowing the individual to access emotions and sensations contained in the unconscious mind;

It is a way of “reliving” the moment of birth in a dissociated way, with the understanding of an adult and reframing sensations that were registered in the body / mind.

What are the types of rebirth?

The rebirth process is individual and private. The sensations are predictable but may or may not appear in a way that a rebirth can be extremely pleasurable for some people and cause no sensation in others. It may even be uncomfortable for some, but usually the physical sensations of discomfort disappear after a few minutes of breathing.

Rebirth can be conscious or not. Some physical sensations "strange" to you can cause your unconscious mind to boycott the process and this should be perceived by the therapist who will guide you, conveying confidence and security, to fully achieve the benefits of the process. The reframing of emotions and sensations can be conscious or not. They are usually unconscious and will take effect on a daily basis, when you come across situations that were limiting and realise that “something is different about you” and you no longer see it in the same way.

Who is the rebirth for?

To anyone who is looking for a happier way to live and relate. Who really wants to discover your natural state, your true Self, with responsibility and confidence.

Even for those who do conventional therapy, rebirth can help to open processes that are hidden, speeding it up.

People with childhood traumas, people who feel a lot of guilt or fear of feeling pleasure, people who are very anxious or stressed or in the process of panic syndrome, are especially benefited by rebirth, however it is a very useful technique for anyone.

What are the benefits of rebirth?

Let's comment a little on the birth experience.

For most of us, being born was not a pleasant experience. Imagine (or try to remember) the following situation: there you are, inside your mother's belly, totally comfortable, safe, nourished, connected with your creator. Gradually, you start to get tight and feel the need to expand, to have more space and suddenly you feel that you cannot stay there anymore. Labor starts and .. when you come into the world, you arrive in a hospital room, cold, noisy, super lit. They separate you from your mother (its creator) cut the umbilical cord, give you a slap, put you on a cold scale, and so on…. In addition, the first breath is extremely painful, as the lungs are still closed and the intake of air gives the feeling that everything is burning. Well ... with that, what happens is that our first impression of the world is not very good and unconscious patterns of the type appear: breathing hurts, this world is too difficult for me, people do not love me.

Rebirth, with conscious breathing, releases these patterns and regains confidence that living is pleasurable, breathing is pleasant, you deserve to be totally loved, you are able to solve your problems.

Are there any contraindications?

Not at first, but people with severe kidney problems (undergoing hemodialysis) should be observed more closely by the therapist, as it is a process of deep cleaning, also on a physical level and if the kidneys are not working properly, they can be overloaded with toxins

Is the Rebirth a Regression Therapy?

Let's define what regression is in this context.

You can, at any time, access childhood memories and experience emotions contained in those memories. We call this regression. You can do this consciously, in a conversation with friends or relatives, in a relaxed way and even then it is a regression. If you do this regression, and in some way re-frame the emotions contained in the memories, providing some benefit to you, then you have done regression therapy.

It turns out that many of us are not prepared to consciously understand how much emotions and sensations can limit us. Throughout life, we acquire “filters” that interpret information consciously or not, and create beliefs that will guide our lives and interfere with our choices.

In the process of rebirth, there is a preparation where the therapist leads you to an altered state of consciousness, which allows you to interact with the unconscious mind, "opening" channels that will allow the reinterpretation of the information contained in specific places in your unconscious mind. From there, your mind will make "adjustments" using the new learning that were acquired throughout your life, that were prevented from being used, covered up or blocked by limiting beliefs.

Therefore, the rebirth process can be, yes, a Regression Therapy.

What is an altered state of consciousness?

Specifically for the process of rebirth, you just need to know that there are states of consciousness that we are more or less in touch with reality (state of presence). In the waking state, we are usually in a state of presence, that is, we are awake and conscious. In a state of sleep we are completely oblivious to reality or out of the state of presence. Between these two states (awake and asleep), there are other states of consciousness. One of them is Trance, that is, we are relaxed (or not) and focused on one of the sensory channels (auditory and kinesthetic in the case of rebirth). Other moments that we can call a trance are when we watch a movie and “get involved” with the context to the point of laughing, crying or being afraid, for example. When driving, we are in a trance most of the time (our unconscious is driving when choosing the path, shifting gears, calculating the force on the pedals, etc ...). We do many things (some even very dangerous) unconsciously, or in a trance.

In the case of rebirth, the relaxation process conducted leads us to a

altered state of consciousness and we begin to perceive new sensations (physical and mental).

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