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Human Movements

Mobility, coordination, rhythm and loads of fun!

I extend an invitation for you to reconnect with your body, as a disconnect can hinder our compassion.

You might find inspiration in the graceful stretch of a giraffe’s neck or the outstretched wings of a bird. Move in ways that resonate with your own sense of well-being.

Our present treatment of our bodies will shape our future bodily experiences. I shifted my focus away from training solely for appearance and began to consider how I could inhabit my body more effectively.

The program is to engage in human animal movements, while also expanding our perspective on play.

There’s ample evidence that many species engage in play to foster creativity, enhance coordination, and strengthen social bonds.

Practitioners describe a sense of “flow” with themselves and their surroundings after mastering these movements through repetition. Some describe this state in spiritual terms, akin to an expanded consciousness, while others feel heightened energy and vitality. Mastery allows them to enter a flow state without needing to think about their next move.

What sets this practice apart is its rejection of the “no pain, no gain” mentality and the idea that sweating is a sign of mercy. 

Instead it aims to help people get better through movement. It sees each person as special and connected to the world around them. Here are the main ideas we will be exploring: 

-  focuses on making your body flexible and your brain creative through fun games.

-  help you improve coordination and rhythm in your body, which is important for daily life.

-  teach ways to keep your joints and muscles healthy as you get older.

-  emphasize communication with yourself and others to improve learning and create inspiring stories.

- encourage learning, communication, and meeting others to enhance your practice and stay youthful.

- explore ideas like learning through play, taking care of your body, moving gracefully, and adapting your practice to fit your needs.

- include tasks that challenge you to think, communicate, and express yourself.

Ultimately, the goal of this practice is to reconnect individuals with their innate “animal selves in joy, thriving.”

Are you ready?

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Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Biomagnetic therapy is a game-changing medical modality that differs from other natural therapies but is complementary to them.

It is a revolutionary therapy that uses magnets of opposite polarity powered by a gauss of 1000 to 15,000 per magnet. Biomagnetism is sometimes referred to as Biomagnetic Pair Therapy (BMP). Magnets are placed explicitly around the body to produce a healing effect reaching the cellular level.

When areas of the body are in either an acidic or alkaline pH the body’s systems, most importantly the immune system, are unable to function adequately. These imbalances are a driving force behind many chronic illnesses. So, by correcting the imbalances by using magnets the cells, organs and systems are able to function optimally to restore optimal health.

By placing pairs of static medium intensity magnets of opposite polarity in specific areas of the body there is an exchange of ions which results in pH levels being balanced.

This creates a hostile environment for pathogens and together with the impact on the body’s electrical system strengthens the immune system, enabling the body to defend itself against infection (bacterial, viral, fungal or parasites) and creating the ideal environment in the body for recovery of health and well being.

Finally, the healing process occurs when the pH is balanced and reaches its optimal level that determines the well-being of the person.

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Conscious Energy Breathing is the most natural

healing ability of all.

Most Breathwork sessions are physical, emotional, and spiritual.

We can relax out of any kind of intense emotion or physical sensation

when we have this simple powerful skill of Conscious Breathing. 

The Breathwork’s predominant characteristic is simplicity. It begins with you lying down, relaxing and just breathing. It uses an easy to follow breathing technique called ‘conscious connected circular breathing’ that is guided by a trained Breathwork facilitator.

The process of long and careful attention to the circular breath technique exposes multiple layers of inhibitions and unconscious patterns of defenses that have developed from birth and throughout your life that have blocked your pleasure and aliveness. You can neutralize and integrate whatever surfaces by simply breathing through it even as you maintain present awareness and know that you are safe.

Throughout the session, your breath is the key to:

  • bringing an immediate realization of the issues that take you backwards instead of forward and releases them.

  • dissolving any resistance you might have to experiencing your strength and pre-birth purity of being.

  • connecting to the main strength inside you, which is life.

  • accepting that an ideal condition of life is possible.

  • surfacing old records that need processing.

Breathwork technique works on a cellular level to uncover when, how and why past feelings were stored and how we reproduce them in life according to our sensory inputs.

Breathwork is a complete technique that works mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. It is considered absolutely safe because the body and mind use their own built-in protective mechanism to always uncover only enough for our safety and security.

The healing power of the breath was known and used in ancient times. 

Today, the Breathwork technique is considered a holistic process because it addresses the multi-dimensional aspects of our self, which include:

  • physical

  • mental

  • spiritual

  • psychological

  • emotional

It is an absolutely safe process that only surfaces issues when we are in the right mindset and timeframe to acknowledge them and therefore release them. You can use Breathwork for anxiety, trauma, sleep, stress and depression, or to change your reality.
Your thoughts define your reality. As thoughts and feelings are co-related, Rebirthing Breathwork helps you view the world and your selves through a different perspective that is more conscious.

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Available Services

* Personal Training 

* Biomagnetic Pair Therapy Sessions

Session around 1 hour and 1,5 hour

* Rebirth Breathwork

Session 1,5 hour

Sessions and prices may be consulted and booked directly by phone

+31 649 629 703 or 


*You can find more information about the therapies in my Blog.

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We are in this together

Here, Vanessa Brito, yogi, yoga therapist since 2002 and a mother of two amazing souls. 

Recently in the Netherlands, and now in love with Amsterdam, I decided to create "Prana Hub", a space where people can feel trust and openness to expand their vitality, awareness in a joyful connection with  themselves and life.

My mission is to continue spreading yoga, movement awareness and integrative therapies, wherever I go, seeing it as a sacred and scientific way of living and benefiting from all the beautiful ancient teachings.

 I firmly believe these methods cater to individuals seeking to transcend their limitations, those craving courage, vital energy, and clarity to embrace their true nature while remaining impervious to the illusions that surround them.​

The core of my work comes from my own experiences, courses and studies in ancient Hatha Yoga, Vedanta, Ayurveda, Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, Shamanism, Morphic Field Healing, Biohacking, Breathing Therapies and neuroscience of meditation.

My purpose and commitment to you, is orienting, educating and whenever necessary, holding hands with you to cross the turbulences of the path. Your results are also my results. Your progress and freedom is also my progress and freedom.


It is a joy to be part of your beautiful conscious journey. Thank you!

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"Vanessa is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever met and I am forever grateful to have been her student. It was through her that I started my practice. Her class is fluid, dynamic, enjoyable and well structured. It conveys security and confidence providing students with evolution, thus being a reference in the transmission of Yoga".

Musician and yoga instructor, 36, @alinelagoyogainstructor

Aline lago

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Salon MORE
Kwakerstraat 6.
Amsterdam. NL


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Qualification & Accreditation 

*Brazil 2001; 2003. 500+ Hours. Trained as Yoga teacher  -
*India 2004; 2010; 2014. 500+ Hours. Trained as Raja Yoga/ Heartfulness Meditation Trainer -
*USA 2008. Trained as Kids Yoga Teacher. Yogibeans -
*Brazil 2015; 2016; 2017. Philosophy of Yoga & Vedanta -

*Brazil 2016 Shamanic Breathing Therapy Training  
*Brazil 2016 -

Present. Founder/Director of Yogashanti  -
*Brazil 2016. Ayurveda Course With Vaidya Dr. Pardeep Sharma from the Institute:
*Brazil 2017. Vedanta -
*Netherlands 2019. Workshop "Human by Design" with Gregg Braden.

*Neuroscience and Epigenetics of Meditation. With Dr. Joe Dispenza.

*Barcelona 2022. Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. Intituto Izaac Goiz Duran.

*Berlin. Dock11. Human Animal - Movements Education with Stefan Crainic & Josephine Haas

*Amsterdam. Fighting Monkeys Practice with Linda Kapetanea & Jozef Frucek

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